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Is Spirit Airlines Pet Friendly? – Spirit Airlines Pet Policy (2024)

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When you think of an ultra-low-cost airline, Spirit Airlines immediately comes to mind. Most people choose this airline when seeking budget-friendly fares for their much-needed flights. But these low prices must mean Spirit Airlines can’t also be pet-friendly, right?

Think again.

This article shares the ins-and-outs of the Spirit Airlines pet policy, including the rules and regulations for carry-on pets and how to book your ticket. You might be surprised just how purrificly pet-friendly this “cheap” airline really is!

Is Spirit Airlines Pet Friendly?

For flyers seeking an affordable plane ticket and wanting to bring their lovable fuzzball on the trip, I have good news: Spirit Airlines is pet-friendly!

While Spirit Airlines does not accept pets in cargo, Spirit has a fairly lenient carry-on policy that allows dogs, cats, small household birds, and domestic rabbits in the cabin. Of course, you must adhere to some specific rules,, but they’re mostly the “typical” regulations you’d expect from any other airline.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy Details

Want to know everything about the Spirit Airlines pet policy? We’ve highlighted all the must-know details below – so you know before you go.

Spirit Airlines wants to ensure you can bring your furtastic friend along for the ride. That said, Spirit accepts domestic dogs and cats. Spirit also allows small household birds and domestic rabbits, but these two pet types are not allowed to and from Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I.

Here are some other important rules and regulations to know:

  • Prices to bring your furry friend on board vary, but as of this writing the cost is “$125 per pet container, each way.” You can check the current pricing here.
  • Health certificates are not required, except for those traveling to the U.S.V.I.
  • Rabies vaccination certificates are required for those traveling to Puerto Rico.
  • Only two pets maximum per container are allowed.
  • Only one container is allowed per customer.
  • Furry friends must remain in their carrier throughout the flight.
  • All furry flyers must be at least eight weeks old and be fully weaned.
  • They must also be harmless, odorless, well-behaved, and in good health. Those causing a disturbance, ill, violent, or otherwise offensive will be unable to fly. 
  • You may not sit in the first row or emergency exit rows.
  • It’s recommended that you add your pet to your reservation as soon as possible, as only six pet containers are allowed on the plane.


As with all other airlines, Spirit Airlines has specific guidelines for pet carriers. Keep in mind that your pet will count as carry-on luggage. All containers (soft carriers only) must not exceed 18″ L x 14″ W x 9″ H and must fit underneath the seat in front of you. The combined weight of your pawsome partner and their carrier must be at most 40 pounds. Your pet should have enough room to stand and turn around comfortably.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for Pets in Cargo:

Unfortunately, Spirit Airlines does not transport pets in cargo at this time.

Restrictions and Exceptions:

While Spirit Airlines is relatively accepting of canine companions and other small pets, there are some essential restrictions in place:

  • No exotic pets are allowed, such as snakes and spiders.
  • Birds that are not “household birds” cannot fly with Spirit Airlines, including farm poultry, waterfowl, birds of prey, etc.

No pets are allowed on international flights unless they are service animals. (Specific documents may be required.) You can contact Spirit Airlines to learn about the specific destination regulations.

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The Process of Flying with Your Pet on Spirit Airlines

Aside from exceptionally low prices, Spirit Airlines is an excellent option for another reason—it’s easy to book and check in with your pet!

Below, you will discover the process of flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines, including how to book and reserve your pet’s ticket and how to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Booking and Reserving Your Pet's Ticket

Booking and reserving your pet’s ticket is a cinch!

Simply head over to Spirit.com to book your ticket.

Then, add a pet to your reservation using the handy chat.

Remember: it’s best to add your pet to your reservation as soon as possible because only six pet carriers are permitted on a plane at any one time.

Checking In and Boarding with Your Pet

Like booking and reserving, checking in and boarding with your pet are also easy with Spirit Airlines.

You’ll need to check in at the counter with a Spirit Airlines employee who will double-check to make sure your pet carrier meets the regulations.

From there, you’ll proceed to the security checkpoint to be screened.

Then, prepare to board your flight!

During the Flight: Tips for a Smooth Journey

Flying can be incredibly stressful – not just for you but for your huggable hound, too! The best thing to do is to take steps to prepare for a smooth journey. Here’s how:

  • Get your furry friend used to their carrier – You don’t know how your pet will respond to their carrier, so it’s best to get them acclimated in the few weeks before the flight.
  • Place some favorite items in the carrier – Make the space a bit cozier by adding some favorite items to the carrier. For example, you might place a blanket, toy, or other item.
  • Exercise before departure – It’s crucial that you let your doggo get their wiggles out before being stuck in their carrier for the duration of the flight. A little exercise and wearin’ out will do wonders!
  • Offer a bit of food and water – Nobody wants to be hungry or thirsty during a flight! Offer some food and water before boarding, but don’t overdo it.
  • Hit the bathroom – Or maybe we should say potty area? Let your pet relieve itself before being stored in its carrier.
  • Relax! If you stay calm, your pawsome pal should too.
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Spirit Airlines is known for its cheap flights, but it is also known for its excellent pet policy! You’ll be able to bring your cozy canine along for the flight – as long as their weight combined with the carrier doesn’t exceed 40 pounds. As always, we recommend checking the Spirit Airlines website for any updates regarding the pet policy, as the rules and regulations can change at any point.

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