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Pet Friendly Marriott Hotels – A Guide to Marriott Hotels’ Pet Policies (2024)

Written By: Piper Stevens

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Pet Friendly Marriott Hotels – A Guide to Marriott Hotels’ Pet Policies (2024)

As the alpha leader in the dog friendly hotel world, Marriott boasts a pack of over 1,500 U.S. hotels that roll out the red carpet for your furry companions. That’s more tail-wagging options than you can shake a stick at!

Pet-friendly Marriott hotels always welcome dogs, and in some instances, cats as well. (There may be rare exceptions when other pets are also allowed in guest rooms, but you’ll need to “howl” ahead of time and confirm the specific policies before bringing your hamster, lizard or bunny on your next travel adventure.) When booking a room with your four-legged co-pilot, expect an additional pet fee ranging from $20 to $150. (A welcome exception is Marriot’s Four Points by Sheraton; your furry friend joins you at no extra cost.) 

Keep in mind the weighty matters – most Marriott hotels have a pet weight restriction, ranging from 25 to 75 lbs. Medium-sized woofers (40 lbs or less) are usually the prime size for pet-friendly Marriott Hotel brands. If your pet is more of a heavyweight champion, you should sniff around for specific hotel policies. (Of course, you’re always barking up the right tree with Marriott when it comes to ADA service animals.  These extra special pets are always welcome across the entire portfolio without any extra bones to pick … or pay.) 

Two Marriott Hotel brands are a strict no-go for pets: Marriott Vacation Club and Gaylord Hotels. Unless your furry friend moonlights as a service animal, steer clear of these two Marriott options.

And with that, unleash the travel plans, pack your pet’s favorite toys, and hit the road with Marriott Hotels! Your BFF (Best Furry Friend) deserves a vacation as fabulous as you both are!

An Overview of Marriott Hotel Brands and their Pet Policies

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AC Hotels by Marriott

If you’re planning a fur-iffic getaway, pet-friendly AC Hotels by Marriott is the cat’s meow when it comes to accommodations. With over 44 locations worldwide, AC Hotels welcomes pets with open paws, ensuring a tail-wagging experience for both you and your furry companion.

AC Hotels understands that traveling with your pet brings along extra steps and precautions, so they’ve made it a breeze. With a $100 deposit and pet fees ranging from $25 per night to $150 per stay, they’ve got a purrfect package to fit your budget. However, be sure to fetch all the details about the hotel you’re planning to visit as not all locations are pet-friendly, and weight restrictions vary (most allow pets up to 40 lbs) across the hotel portfolio. 

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Aloft Hotels

If you and your canine companion are looking for a howling good time, look no further than pet-friendly Aloft Hotels. Aloft is the ultimate destination for pet lovers, with a pet policy that’s sure to make tails wag. With just a $20 pet deposit, it’s a budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank (that means more money for treats!). 

In addition, Aloft goes above and beyond to pamper your furry friend, welcoming pets of small or medium size (40 lbs or less) and treating them to Aloft-branded bed and bowls, complimentary treats and toys. Does it get any more doggone delightful when on the road?  Pet weight and breed restrictions can vary by location, so be sure to call the hotel in advance to confirm your great pet expectations. 

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Autograph Collection

Autograph Collection is a mixed breed when it comes to pet-friendliness, offering a range of policies that vary by hotel location. To ensure a tail-wagging experience for you and your furry sidekick, we recommend reaching out to the specific Autograph Collection location you’re interested in, before reserving a room. For example, the Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida, welcomes two pets per room, dogs only, with advance registration required and a fee of $150 per stay. Just across the bay, the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa does not allow pets, period. 

Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott generally caters towards business travelers; however, many road warriors and family road trippers enjoy the locations for the consistent, pet-friendly experience. To set expectations, be prepared for the $100 pet deposit when making your reservation. Pet-friendly Courtyard by Marriott generally extends a warm welcome to medium-sized pets, those cuddly companions who weigh 40 lbs or less, but it’s always smart to double check before booking.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who get the VIP treatment at Courtyard; most pet-friendly locations also open their doors to feline friends, making it a purrfect choice for pet parents of all stripes. While many Courtyard by Marriott locations allow two pets per room, some may have rules about not leaving your furry friends unattended so do review specific rules before locking in your hotel.

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Delta Hotels

Delta Hotels, the fancy-pants pet-friendly paradise with 90 locations in the U.S. and Canada, is here to make tails wag and whiskers twitch with joy!  Most all Delta Hotel locations roll out the red carpet for your furballs, be they woofers or meowers, which is fantastic news for pet enthusiasts. 

To secure your pet’s spot in the lap of luxury, Delta Hotels typically asks for a $75 pet deposit, and guess what? Big or small, dog-friendly locations welcome ’em all, up to a whopping 75 lbs of fluffy fabulousness. (Some locations charge a daily pet fee to ensure every nook and cranny is pristine for your pet, which can range from $75 to $150.)

The overall pet policy, number of pets, the types of pets allowed, and even the weight limit are up to the discretion of each Delta Hotel and so definitely contact the specific hotel location prior to booking.

Design Hotels

Prepare for a paw-some journey at one of Design Hotels 120 premium hotels around the globe.  Each hotel is a masterpiece crafted by an independent hotelier, dripping with local culture and style like a bone dripping with flavor. These hotels aren’t just places to rest your paws; they’re the ‘bark’-tastic gathering points for influencers, jet-setting world travelers and the local creatives. 

Now, for the pet-friendly scoop! Design Hotels, where even your furry friends get to be trendsetters, welcomes pets with policies as unique as their funky wallpaper. Before you and your pet embark on this adventure, it’s absolutely essential to check with the specific location, as each hotel has its own set of rules. We do have a nugget of info to chew on—pet-friendly Design Hotels typically require a pet deposit of $125, ensuring that pets up to 50 lbs can strut their stuff in style.


The EDITION Hotels are a set of luxurious gems sprinkled across the globe in great locales, offering a blend of understated luxury, rooms larger than life, with a focus on design, entertainment, and culinary delights. 

Each pet-friendly EDITION hotel’s rules for bringing your doggo are as distinctive as the unique hotel decor. But fear not, pet detectives, we’ve got a ‘bark’-tastic tip for you: if EDITION Hotels are shouting ‘pet-friendly’ from the rooftops (which you can find on the location’s website’s Services & Amenities tab), your furball is in for a treat. No mention of pet friendliness? Well, you might want to leave the pet spa reservations for another day. 

For the lucky pet-welcoming havens, typically a pet deposit of $150 per stay is required, to ensure your companion’s stay is as tremendous as yours. Also, important to note, pet-friendly EDITION Hotels graciously generally welcome  furballs weighing 50 lbs or less.

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Element by Westin

At Element by Westin, extended stays are a treat for both humans and their four-legged pals through the ‘Love that Dog’ program! As part of the Element pet program, your furry friends will feel the love from the start – from signature dog beds for a regal nap to food and water bowls fit for a gourmet feast, and even clean-up supplies because, let’s face it, that’s part of life with a pet.

The sizes of dog-friendly accommodations vary by hotel, as do the cleaning fees, so, as always, it’s best to check with your specific Element by Westin for the location’s individual details.

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Fairfield by Marriott

Calling all pet pals and their humans! Fairfield by Marriott is not just about comfortable stays; it’s about making room for the whole family, fur and all! 

Pet-friendly Fairfield locations have a pet deposit of $125 to ensure your pet’s stay is as stress-free as yours. Cuddly companions weighing up to 40 lbs are welcome and will be offered a cozy curl-up spot right next to their favorite human.  The number of pets allowed, weight limits, and other tail-wagging details are the unique decision of each location, so don’t forget to check your desired hotel’s specific pet policies. 

Whether you’re a human in need of a peaceful stay or a pet in need of a pet-tacular adventure, Fairfield by Marriott has got you covered.

Four Points by Sheraton

Attention pet enthusiasts! Get ready for endless tail-wagging at uber pet-friendly Four Points by Sheraton. It’s a pet paradise for those furry companions weighing 25 lbs or less making this the perfect overnight spot for your petite pals. Best news yet?  There’s no charge for including your pet on your adventure! That’s like finding a buried bone under your favorite tree! 

So, whether you’re sipping local craft beers at the lobby bar or working off those extra treats in the 24-hour gym, Four Points by Sheraton ensures that every stay is functional, comfortable, and pet-tacular. Before booking, always reach out to your specific hotel, double-check the pet-friendly status, and get ready for a value-packed, tail-wagging getaway.

JW Marriott Hotels

Step into the welcoming embrace of luxurious JW Marriott Hotels, where pets aren’t just accepted, they’re celebrated as cherished guests. JW Marriott Hotels are pet-friendly havens that believe in tailoring enriching experiences for every guest, regardless of the number of legs they stand on.

Now, let’s dive into the ‘paw-sitively’ important details—the  pet policy at JW Marriott Hotels generally allows pets who are 40 lbs or less to be added to a reservation for a fee of $150 per stay. It’s like handing them a golden ticket to a world where tails wag in harmony with legendary service and unparalleled quality.

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Le Méridien

Welcome to the delightful world of pet-friendly Le Méridien, where hotel teams are anxiously awaiting you and your furry companions! Most Le Méridien hotels are pet-friendly, but you should book ahead of time noting a pet on your reservation. To ensure a purrfect stay, typically a $50 deposit is charged for pets who meet the weight requirements (40 lbs or less) – it’s just a little something to keep the doggy decorum intact. 

At Le Méridien you will experience European-style luxury with rooms that are more comforting than a cozy catnap and a strong focus on elevated food and beverage offerings that will have your taste buds doing the happy dance. With over 100 properties in 36 different countries, Le Méridien is like a global network of pet-friendly playdates.

The Luxury Collection

The Luxury Collection not only offers guests once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but they also often extend their hospitality to your cherished pets. Many of the Luxury Collection’s U.S. properties are pet-friendly, ensuring your fur baby can join you on your next high-end escapade. 

Be prepared for more than a touch of pet elegance with a $150 pet deposit required for those pets under 40 lbs (the max weight limit).  Since each property is as unique as your pet’s personality, they set individual pet policies that are tailor-made for what works best in that specific hotel environment.  Call ahead to ask questions about pet restrictions and treats – the Luxury Collection team will be all ears to you and your pet’s needs.  

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Marriott Hotels & Resorts wants your travel journey to feel complete by welcoming your pets into the fold in as many destinations as possible. Marriott Hotels’ standard pet policy includes a fee ranging from $100 to $200 per stay, with weight restrictions typically set for pets of 30 lbs or under. Before booking, be sure to confirm your hotel’s specific pet policy at 

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Moxy Hotels

Pet-friendly Moxy Hotels welcome pets across the portfolio, with a $100 pet deposit for pets 60 lbs or less. Your pets are treated like family, complete with a complimentary bowl and bed. Moxy has stylish communal spaces that are set up for a tail-wagging good time, and with check-in at the bar, you’ll get a complimentary welcome drink to kick off your stay. We’re all paws for that! As always, we recommend contacting the hotel in advance to confirm all of the paw-sibilities during your stay.

Renaissance Hotels

Pet-friendly Renaissance Hotels extends a warm invitation to your beloved travel companions, ensuring they’re welcome to join you for a stay at most U.S. locations. For those with pets weighing 40 lbs or less, a $100 pet deposit is all it takes to secure their spot, adhering to the brand’s maximum pet weight limit.

While not all locations roll out the pet-friendly carpet, those that do offer a variety of pet policies, including the types of pets allowed, weight restrictions, and the maximum number of pets permitted per room. To ensure your furry friend is good-to-travel based on the specific hotel’s pet policies, we recommend contacting your hotel directly to avoid any surprises when you arrive. 

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Residence Inn by Marriott

Looking for an extended stay with your furry friend? Residence Inn by Marriott may be the perfect spot to curl-up for a cat nap (or hibernate for winter).  

Pet-friendly Residence Inn by Marriott offers spacious suites, the perfect home-away-from-home for you and your pooch. Generally, pets weighing 50 lbs or less are welcome, with a $100 pet deposit. Each Residence Inn sets its own pet policies, including weight limits and the number of pets allowed per room, so fetch the full policy details of your desired location on before you book.

The Ritz-Carlton

Indulge in luxury at The Ritz-Carlton, where pets are not just welcome – they’re treated like VIPs (Very Important Pets, obviously)! With a pet deposit of $250 for pets weighing 30 lbs or less, your furry friend will experience pampering like never before. 

While not all locations allow pets (service animals are of course always welcome), those that do provide a local guide to pet-friendly activities, ensuring both you and your pet have a re-bark-able stay. Room service? Absolutely! Your number one canine can choose from a variety of dishes on a separate pet dining menu. 

Pack your pet’s finest collar and tempting treats for this hotel stay as your pup will feel like royalty as soon as they walk through the doors of the pet-friendly Ritz-Carlton.

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts are ready to roll-out the red carpet (and delicious treats) for you and your best pet friend. Generally speaking, a minimal $25 pet deposit ensures your room is clean for you and your furry companion (if they weigh 40 lbs or less).

While most Sheraton locations are pet-friendly, each hotel has its own policy, including weight limits, pet fees, and the number of pets allowed per room. Luxurious custom pet beds, pet welcome kits, and various amenities await, making your pet’s stay as comfortable as yours.  Sounds pretty pet-tastic to us!

SpringHill Suites

SpringHill Suites by Marriott offers pet-friendly havens across the country. While policies vary by hotel, a $125 pet deposit is common for pet-friendly SpringHill Suites locations. With a focus on small to medium-sized pets (50 lbs being the typical weight limit), your fur baby can enjoy the suite life with you. 

Much like most hotel brands, each of the 21 pet-friendly SpringHill Suites locations has its own set of guidelines, so calling ahead is the key to a seamless stay where no one is left out in the doghouse.

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St. Regis Hotels & Resorts

Indulge your furry companions in the epitome of opulence at St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, where the lap of luxury extends to your beloved pets. A mere $100 pet deposit transforms your stay into a lavish retreat for your VIPs (Very Important Pets, that is), welcoming those weighing up to 75 lbs. with open arms. Let’s hear it for the big dog love!

Envision your pup lounging in regal comfort, nestled in their own plush bed and sipping from an exquisite bowl, all attended to by a dedicated butler – it’s a stay as lavish as a cat on a velvet cushion. While a cleaning fee and daily pet fee add a touch of refinement, the unparalleled indulgence your pets experience is truly worth every penny.

TownePlace Suites

For long-term hotel stays, you’ll find more options now than ever before.  One pet-friendly brand is TownePlace Suites, which has become very pup-ular with pet parents as the large suites accommodate families who often travel with their fur-babies. 

Across the portfolio of TownePlace Suites, you can expect a $75 pet deposit and a 75 lbs max weight limit.  Once you check-in, your pet(s) will be ready to explore all of the creature comforts around your suite such as full kitchens, Weber grills, on-site laundry, and even a mini-market.  Besides the suite life with your pet, you can expect a complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi – you and your pet may not want to leave your home-away-from-home once you check-in to TownePlace Suites!

Envision your pup lounging in regal comfort, nestled in their own plush bed and sipping from an exquisite bowl, all attended to by a dedicated butler – it’s a stay as lavish as a cat on a velvet cushion. While a cleaning fee and daily pet fee add a touch of refinement, the unparalleled indulgence your pets experience is truly worth every penny.

Tribute Portfolio

Tribute Portfolio not only accepts pets, they celebrate them! A $100 pet deposit ensures your pet weighing 50 lbs. or less can join you during your stay at a pet-friendly Tribute Portfolio hotel.  

With unique designs in repurposed historical buildings, each Tribute Portfolio provides a stylish backdrop for your next pet-friendly adventure. Policies do vary, but many U.S. locations are ready and excited to embrace your four-legged companions. Call ahead and ensure your pets become a part of your vibrant and unique experience at a Tribute hotel.

W Hotels

Pet-friendly W Hotels offers modern, trendy locations in many desirable destinations.  Across the hotel portfolio, a $100 pet deposit ensures your pet(s) weighing 40 lbs or less revel in the true W experience. 

Pamper your travel companions with special pet-friendly amenities like a gift box of treats and toys upon arrival. And with a focus on music, fashion and good times, W Hotels invites you and your pup to let the good times roll while you’re in town! 

The Pick of the Litter: Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Marriott Hotels

1. Tampa Marriott Water Street, Tampa, FL

Discover a world of wagging tails and purr-fect moments at the pet-friendly Tampa Marriott Water Street. The hotel welcomes all well-mannered pets to join the vacation paw-ty. For a modest fee of $150 per stay, your pets can revel in the ultimate pet-friendly experience. And it’s no need for just purse pups here – the Tampa Marriott Water Street accommodates pets up to 50 lbs each, offering a getaway for even the fluffiest companions. 

Strategically located near the Tampa Riverwalk, Florida Aquarium, Amalie Arena, and Sparkman Wharf, this hotel isn’t just an ideal spot for couples, families, or business travelers – it’s perfect for pet enthusiasts with plenty of walking paths and green spaces all around.

perry lane hotel savannah dog friendly

2. Perry Lane, Savannah, GA

Nestled in the heart of historic Savannah, Perry Lane is a chic boutique hotel that beckons stylish pups and their trendsetting companions.

With a non-refundable $150 per stay fee, furry companions (who weigh 50 lbs or less) gain access to an array of perks. An additional $20 per night adds a welcome bag filled with treats crafted by the renowned Oliver Bentley, a waste bag holder for those stylish strolls, and a bandana adorned with the iconic Perry Lane logo. It’s more than just a stay; it’s a tail-wagging affair! 

Additionally, understanding that four-legged friends need room to roam, Perry Lane is perfectly situated near green spaces for those leg-stretching escapades along the beautiful sidewalks in historic Savannah.

3. Aloft Downtown, Asheville, NC

For those who consider their pets more than companions, Aloft Downtown in Asheville is not just pet-friendly – it’s pet-enthusiastic! With a maximum allowance of 2 pets per room, there’s ample space for your furry friends to revel in the excitement. What’s more, there are no pet fees, making it the ultimate haven for pet-loving travelers. 

Conveniently located on bustling Biltmore Avenue, Aloft Asheville places you and your furry friend at the heart of the action. Step out of the front of the hotel, and you’re just a wag away from the best pet-friendly eateries, bubbly breweries, historic haunts, chic shopping, and grrr-eat galleries.

Additionally, Aloft Asheville takes pet hospitality to the next level by running a foster dog program. They keep a foster pup on-site, working tirelessly to help it find its furever home. This certainly makes our tails wag and hearts swell. 

4. Moxy Louisville Downtown, Louisville, KY

Pet-friendly Moxy Louisville Downtown allows two dogs (up to 50 lbs each) to join the paw-ty in every room with just a $30 one-time fee, a portion of which supports the Kentucky Humane Society – making your stay an opportunity to be a pet hero.

Situated in the lively heart of downtown Louisville, this budget-friendly gem is surrounded by dog-friendly parks, eateries, and bars for delightful strolls and quality time with your furry friend. Skip the traditional check-in desk and head to Bar Moxy, where you’ll get your room key along with a side of socializing, turning your stay into a pet-friendly party where barks echo with joy! 

w nashville pet friendly hotel in nashville tn

5. W Nashville, Nashville, TN

Prepare for a pawsitively delightful experience at W Nashville, where they roll out the red carpet for your furry friends! Two pets per room, up to 60 lbs each, can join the adventure for just an additional $100 per stay.

W Nashville is more than pet-friendly; it’s a pet paradise with their Wagtastic P.A.W. program! Your cherished companions can indulge in the lap of luxury with W pet beds, gourmet treats, stylish food and water bowls, waste bags, litter boxes, and a toy collection.  

The location of the W Nashville is prime, too, within walking distance of the awesome Gulch Dog Park featuring ample zoomie space and cool photo-worthy murals.  

pet friendly vinoy hotel st Petersburg fl greeting mat

6. Vinoy Resort & Golf Club, St. Petersburg, FL

Get ready to unleash the bark-tastic adventures at the pet-friendly Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. The hotel allows a maximum 2 dogs per room with advance registration to secure a spot for your furry friends. There’s a non-refundable pet fee of $150 per stay, but let’s be honest, your pets’ priceless companionship is worth every tail-wagging penny!

Perfectly situated in downtown St. Pete overlooking a scenic marina,, the Vinoy is a paw-some paradise for pets. Behind the hotel, there’s a huge dog park, perfect for those furry romps, and the surrounding area boasts tons of fantastic parks and scenic walks along Tampa Bay. Your four-legged besties will be in pet-heaven, with dolphin and manatee views that are sure to make their tails wag with joy. 

7. JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL

Nestled in sunny Orlando, this pet-friendly  JW Marriott Grande Lakes is more than just a retreat – it’s a golf and pet heaven. With a paw-some policy for accommodating your feline and canine friends, your stay isn’t just about enjoying the lush golf courses in the Florida sunshine; it’s about creating unforgettable moments with your four-legged family members. 

For a one-time fee of $250, your furry companions will be welcome to stay with you in your guestroom at the gorgeous (and very pet-friendly) JW Marriott Grande Lakes.  That’s what we call a “hole in one!”

Perfectly situated in downtown St. Pete overlooking a scenic marina,, the Vinoy is a paw-some paradise for pets. Behind the hotel, there’s a huge dog park, perfect for those furry romps, and the surrounding area boasts tons of fantastic parks and scenic walks along Tampa Bay. Your four-legged besties will be in pet-heaven, with dolphin and manatee views that are sure to make their tails wag with joy. 

st regis hotel chicago Illinois marriott pet friendly hotels jet set pets

8. St. Regis, Chicago, IL

Indulge in an elegant pet-friendly experience at The St. Regis Chicago, where up to two pets may join you for your stay. For a fee of $150 per room per stay, this iconic city hotel ensures that your furry friends, each weighing up to 50 lbs, are welcomed with open arms and endless treats.

The pet-friendly St. Regis Chicago is tucked away at the sweet spot where the Chicago River gives a high-five to Lake Michigan, so the guest rooms and suites are like front-row seats to the downtown landmarks that will be an adventure for you and your pet to explore. From the iconic Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier to the lush green vibes of Grant and Millennium Parks, every view is a postcard-worthy masterpiece (or pet-selfie waiting to happen!).

9. Westin Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

The Westin Georgetown Washington D.C. welcomes up to two dogs per room, making this boutique-size hotel near Georgetown a luxurious retreat for both humans and small canine PITs (partners-in-travel). 

The pet-friendly Westin Georgetown does have a non-refundable pet fee of $25 per night, to ensure your pet experiences the same world-class amenities as you do. And, if needed, a cleaning fee of $250 may apply. 

The hotel is referred to as the “Jewel of Georgetown,” and offers standard Westin wellness amenities that are loved by the brand’s fans: customizable Sleep Well products, Westin Heavenly Beds™, a 24-hour WestinWORKOUT Studio, and a seasonal outdoor pool and courtyard.  You and your pet may not want to leave!

10. Le Méridien New York, Central Park, New York City, NY

Your furry companions will be overjoyed to embrace the hustle and bustle (and smells galore!) of Midtown Manhattan at the pet-friendly Le Méridien New York, Central Park. 

The swanky hotel welcomes two pets per room for a non-refundable pet fee of $50 per night. With a maximum pet weight allowance of 100 lbs, Le Méridien ensures a pet-friendly haven for all pets, both big and small! 

11. The Whitley, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Atlanta, GA

Experience Southern charm with your fluffy BFF at The Whitley in Atlanta, Georgia.  The stunning hotel allows guests to stay with up to 2 pets per room (each 50 lbs or less) with a non-refundable cleaning fee of $150, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for both guests and their pets. 

Don’t get caught in the doghouse!  Advanced notification of pets on the reservation is required, so the Luxury Collection hotel can maintain its commitment to a seamless and enjoyable stay. Additionally, four-legged friends must be kept on a leash when outside your room. The hotel provides a designated pet relief area on its grounds, catering to the personal needs of your pets. 

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Photo courtesy of Giant Noise Photographer

12. The Otis Hotel, Autograph Collection, Austin, TX

Bring on the bark-tastic vibes at The Otis Hotel, a pet-friendly hotel in one of the USA’s hottest travel destinations – Austin, Texas. This pet-friendly hotel invites two dogs per guestroom to join the paw-ty, with a non-refundable fee of $100 per stay. To ensure the utmost comfort, guest dogs are required to weigh 30 lbs or less, making The Otis the perfect retreat for petite pooches.

Embracing a pet-friendly ethos, The Otis Hotel goes well beyond great pet expectations. It’s a place where pets are treated like family. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Austin or relaxing in the comfort of your room, The Otis ensures a memorable and enjoyable stay for both pets and their two-legged companions. 

13. West Hollywood EDITION, West Hollywood, California

Elevate your stay at the West Hollywood EDITION, where luxury meets pet-friendly comfort! Embracing the bond between guests and their fluffballs, this exquisite hotel allows a maximum of two pets per room, each weighing up to 100 lbs (yip-yip-yooray for big dog lovers!). To ensure a paw-sitively delightful experience, a non-refundable fee of $150 per room per stay is required.

Once you’re ready to explore the EDITION’s neighborhood, you’ll find you’re just a stick’s throw from Hollywood Hills, Rodeo Drive, West LA, Century City, Arena, and UCLA.  And don’t forget to treat your pup to a hike at Runyon Canyon!

14. Santa Monica Proper Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels, Santa Monica, California

At Santa Monica Proper Hotel, well-behaved dogs are not just welcomed but embraced with open arms and plenty of TLC during their stay including delightful “good boy” treats and bowls  to make life a little easier for the pet owner. 

What makes us love this hotel? One top-notch reason is a portion of the pet fee is contributed to the Best Friends Animal Society, an organization dedicated to eradicating homelessness among pets. Guests and their furry BFFs can indulge in a stay that not only offers pampering and style but also supports a meaningful cause. 

15. JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Furry friends welcome! The pet-friendly JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square is all about pawsitivity. Bring your pint-sized pals (up to 25 lbs) along on your adventure and let the tail-wagging commence! There’s a $100 non-refundable fee for each pet, but trust us, the memories made with your fur baby in the Golden Gate city will be priceless.

The 4-star JW Marriott on Mason Street is like a cozy nest for you and your four-legged sidekick. Unleash the fun in Union Square, where you’re just a bone’s throw away from attractions like Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and the Financial District. So, when the hustle and bustle of downtown living gets a bit too “ruff,” escape to your pet-friendly haven.

dog friendly marriott hotels coronado island resort and spa jet set pets article

Photo courtesy of @coronadomarriott

16. Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa, Coronado, CA

Nestled on Coronado Island, the Marriott Resort & Spa beckons with a beachside retreat that’s not only steps from the sand but also gladly opens its doors to furry friends. Picture this: a pristine beach as the backdrop to a vacation where dogs under 60 lbs are not only welcome but encouraged (maximum of two canine companions per stay) for a non-refundable fee of $50/night.  Coronado Island is often voted one of the most pet-friendly locations in the U.S. with a dog-friendly beach and numerous restaurants that allow pooches to saddle up next to their owners to enjoy a bowl of water and some treats during mealtime. 

For those looking to explore beyond the sun-soaked shores, the resort is conveniently close to the ferry and Coronado Bridge, providing easy access to San Diego’s famed attractions like Balboa Park and the Zoo. Even the airport is within reach, ensuring a seamless journey for both human and canine travelers.

How to Find and Book a Pet-Friendly Marriott Hotel Room

Embarking on a pet-friendly stay with Marriott Hotels is as effortless as teaching your furry friend a new trick. Marriott’s website navigation is straightforward and relatively consistent from brand-to-brand, so finding the perfect pet-friendly room is a walk in the park.

For the smoothest experience, we recommend starting on Marriott’s homepage and typing in the destination for which you are interested in traveling to.  Once you click to see the generated results page, you’ll see a prominent “pets welcome” filter.  From there you can narrow down the search based on other prominent hotel features or travel needs. Happy searching!

A final howl on Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels, a leader in pet-friendly accommodations, has consistently expanded its commitment to providing the most welcoming spaces for every member of your family, including your fur-children. Marriott prides itself on offering the most extensive array of pet-friendly rooms across its diverse brands, ensuring that your beloved pets are not just accommodated but completely adored.

Jet Set Pets understands that traveling with pets can be a source of stress, so we always recommend reaching out to the hotel directly before your stay. We encourage you to understand your individual location’s specific pet policy and ensure your pet(s) are included in your reservation, allowing you to embark on your journey with peace of mind. Exciting adventures await you and your furry companions with Marriott Hotels!

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