Thompson Nashville – Nashville, TN

Pet Fee: None
Pets Allowed: Dogs, Cats, Other Pets
Size Allowed: Website: Up to 60 lbs (max weight for 1 pet is 50 lbs); Front desk: No limit
Number of Pets Allowed: 2 per room

Location and contact

Thompson Nashville is Pet Friendly!

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*Note: Not all rooms are pet friendly.  Please make sure to communicate with the hotel to confirm that you will be assigned to a pet friendly room. 

About Thompson Nashville

Thompson Nashville offers a upscale, urban-industrial vibe with boutique hotel touches like a plusher-than-plush robe, hot rooftop bar (LA Jackson) and a mini-bar that features 7-inch vinyl records for purchase. We’d be more than happy to ‘sit and stay’ here.

Thompson Nashville Pet Policy

Yes, the Thompson Nashville is pet friendly! This hotel is excited to welcome you and your pet–of any variety–and with no strings (or fees!) attached. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and spiders are a few of the members of the animal kingdom who have enjoyed the luxurious digs of this downtown hotel. The enthusiasm the team has for their pet guests is palpable which makes us want to wag our tails. Two pets at up to 60 lbs are allowed to stay in a room for no additional fee.

Are the lobby and other common areas of Thompson Nashville pet friendly?

Pets are allowed in the lobby of the hotel but must always be leashed or in a carrier. Unfortunately, you will have to enjoy the view (and cocktails) from the rooftop bar, LA Jackson, without your pets as they are not permitted. Also, important to note that dogs may be left uncrated in the hotel rooms but housekeeping will not enter the room if that is the case.

What is the check-in experience like at Thompson Nashville? Do they do anything special for pets?

Pets are welcomed at Thompson Nashville with cozy beds and food & water bowls in hopes that your four-legged family members will settle right in to his/her new digs.

Is the location of Thompson Nashville dog friendly?

Thompson Nashville is located in The Gulch which is a popular area to visit and live given the large number of restaurants, bars, and shops. This downtown neighborhood has an urban vibe with modern high-rises, great street art and murals, as well as a wealth of live entertainment in the local bars and lounges. From a dog-exercise standpoint, it’s a quick 4-minute walk to the Gulch Dog Park.

Pet Policy Verified on: 2023-02-22
By: Piper Stevens

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Pet Friendly Info for Nashville, TN

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