Flying with a Large Dog

Flying with a Large Dog: 11 Airlines that Allow Big Dogs in Cabin

Written By: Michelle Kelgord

Flying with a large dog isn’t exactly easy. There are several considerations, from health concerns to necessary documentation. Yet, the biggest hurdle is finding airlines that allow large dogs. After all, a good chunk of airlines only allow doggos to fly cargo – and many pet owners are clamoring for other options.

Luckily, many airlines do, in fact, allow large dogs in cabins. The challenge is finding which ones allow it – and then making sure that your furry best friend meets all the requirements. 

Keep reading to find out which eleven airlines are leading the pack in pet-friendly travel accommodations – allowing you to finally say goodbye to the gut-wrenching woes of pet separation and enjoy sky-high adventures with your pal right by your side.

JSX Fly with a Large Dog

Photo Courtesy of @thebernegirls

1. JSX: Jet-Setting with Your Jumbo Pooch

Plenty of flyers choose JSX, a hop-on jet service that provides semi-private flight service with more legroom, private terminals for less hassle, and a speedy check-in process, with popular routes from New York to Florida and all across the southwest. 

Another perk? It’s very large dog friendly. However, they have a few rules and guidelines that must be followed by pet owners (and doggos, too).

JSX clarifies that customers are responsible for complying with any laws and regulations set forth by departure and arrival destinations. The most common requirements are valid health certifications and rabies vaccinations.

If your dog is too large to fit inside an under-seat pet carrier, you’ll need to purchase an adjoining seat. Your dog must weigh 79 pounds or less, be leashed at all times, and lie on the floor in front of their airline seat.

Here are a few additional rules set forth by JSX regarding flying with big dogs in the cabin:

  • Pets are not allowed in airline seats; they must be on the floor at all times
  • Dogs must lie down in front of the window seat only – which means owners will need an adjoining aisle seat
  • They are not permitted in the bulkhead or emergency exit rows
  • Customers will need to fill out a form for their dog to be able to travel
  • Only five pets are allowed in the cabin at a time
  • JSX reserves the right to deny any dog from boarding
  • Pets must be well-behaved – no aggressive or disruptive behavior (barking excessively, biting, growling, wandering, jumping on guests/crew members, relieving themselves in the airplane, eating off customer trays)

It’s worth mentioning that JSX accepts service animals in the cabin of all sizes. However, you will need to fill out a specific form prior to your flight. Note that service vests, harnesses, ID cards, and registrations cannot be used as the sole proof.

2. BARK Air: A True Airline for Dogs

If you love to pamper your furry friend, you’ve likely purchased (or at least heard of) BarkBox. BarkBox’s subscription-based service sends incredible doggy products right to your doorstep. Recently, though, the company decided they wouldn’t stop there. On Thursday, April 11, 2024, BarkBox announced they will launch BARK Air, a new travel service set to “revolutionize flying for dogs.”

BARK Air will begin servicing clients on Thursday, May 23, 2024. Flights will connect the New York City metro area via White Plains (HPN) with Los Angeles via Van Nuys (VNY) and London via Stansted Airport (STN). Regardless of where you’re traveling, BARK Air says  they’ll offer a superior “white paw experience” you won’t experience with other airlines.

Here are some of the perks and must-know info regarding this brand-new, sensationally pet-friendly airline:

  • The check-in process couldn’t be more straightforward. Travelers (human and canine) are expected to arrive 45 minutes before departure, and no crates or checkpoints are involved.
  • The cabin is prepped for doggy heaven, with calming aids on board, including pheromones, music, and lavender-scented towels. 
  • Concierges are also prepped with essentials, including calming treats, leashes, and poop bags.
  • During ascent and descent, furry friends are given a beverage of choice to help ease any discomfort.
  • Your four-legged best friend can also expect some yummy surprises during the flight!
  • Dogs must have up-to-date vaccination records in order to fly.
  • One human is allowed per doggy ticket, but you can purchase additional passes if necessary.
  • Human passengers must be over 18 to fly with BARK Air.
  • While crates are not required, doggos must be safely restrained during taxiing, taking off, landing, and any rough air is encountered.
  • All dogs are accepted regardless of size!

BARK Air may be the best option if you’re ready to say sayonara to the hassle of crates, checking in, and other uncertainties and annoyances while boarding a plane with your canine best friend. 

Aero Fly with a large dog

Photo Courtesy of @Aero

3. Aero: Comfortable Flying with a Large Dog

Aero is a book-by-the-seat jet service offering guests a more relaxed and luxurious experience compared to other options. They’re a popular option for flights from Texas, California, Colorado, and Idaho, including jaunts to Los Cabos, Mexico. 

And while Aero is one of the newer options, it’s quickly gaining traction.

When it comes to Aero, flying with a large dog is relatively simple. There is virtually no maximum weight limit, so even your larger-than-life canine companions can come along for the ride. 

There are a few rules set in stone:

  • Customers will need to purchase an additional full seat for doggies over 20 pounds
  • Only five pets allowed per flight, with two large dogs maximum
  • Large dogs must leashed for the entirety of the trip
  • One adult is required per large dog
  • Dogs must be at least four months old and potty-trained at the time of travel
  • Dogs must be able to sit in their seat for the entirety of the trip; they may not obstruct aisles or sit in an exit row

Customers traveling to and from Mexico must have vaccination records on hand to present to the authorities. 

There is no charge for customers to fly with their service dogs. However, the proper documentation must be filled out beforehand.

4. Tradewind Aviation: Smooth Skies for You and Your Big Buddy

Tradewind Aviation is the go-to for many travelers, especially those seeking a vacation from the Northeast to the Caribbean. They offer private and scheduled trips with a large pet policy that is “pawsitively” fantastic!

Large dogs in cabin are allowed on Citation CJ3s and Pilatus PC-12s only, and there is a maximum of three pets per flight. You’ll only need to purchase a separate seat if your furry friend is over 100 pounds, which means many “larger” dogs won’t need an extra ticket!

Where the “strictness” comes into play is where your bow-wow buddy can sit. Large dogs in cabin must sit in the last row next to their owner. They must be placed inside a pet carrier if they become rowdy or misbehave. 

Tradewind Aviation goes the extra mile to say they will do their best to accommodate everyone in unforeseen circumstances where flights may be combined, and multiple pets may end up on board. This gives pet owners some extra peace of mind about their travels!

5. Surf Air: Catching Airwaves with Your Large Furry Friend

Those seeking a seamless flight with their furry friend from beginning to end may consider Surf Air, a Los Angeles-based airline offering scheduled semi-private flights and on-demand jet services with business-class seating that is said to be a “window and an aisle seat” at once. And you can take these five-star trips to several convenient local airports in California.

The best part is that your big buddy can also hop on board this luxurious cabin.

One of the unique things about flying with a large dog on Surf Air is that they require 48-hour notice of your dog coming on board. This is for three reasons. 

  1. They need to ensure that there is enough room. Surf Air only allows one pet per flight or two if the weight does not exceed 100 pounds.
  2. Surf Air gives priority to service animals.
  3. Surf Air strives to accommodate member allergy concerns.

Any doggo over 20 pounds will require their own seat. To do this, you’ll need to purchase a single-use flight pass.

All dogs are required to be well-behaved and clean to fly on Surf Air. They must also be up to date on their current vaccinations. 

airlines that allow large dogs

6. Blade: A Cut Above for Large Dog Travel

Blade is a cutting-edge company that provides scheduled, crowdsourced, and private flights, with the most popular destinations including The Hamptons, Nantucket, Miami, and Palm Beach. They also have various methods of transportation, including helicopters and seaplanes. 

The company has different rules for flying with a large dog, depending on the type of aircraft used.

  • Blade Helicopters, Seaplanes, and Turboprops

You will need to purchase an additional seat for your large dogs weighing over 25 pounds, and there is a maximum of two pets per passenger.

If two large, unrelated dogs are boarding the same flight, the pilot may request they become acquainted on the tarmac beforehand. Both dogs must be leashed while familiarizing themselves.

It’s important to note that there is no additional charge for pets riding chartered flights. 

  • Blade Jets

The rules change slightly for flying with a large dog on Blade jets.

You will need to purchase an additional seat for your large dogs weighing over 35 pounds, and they must remain leashed at all times

There is no charge for pets on chartered land plane flights. 

Note: Regardless of the aircraft you and your furry friend fly on, it’s essential to alert Blade Flier Relations before your flight, as the Blade Team must approve them. Certain dogs may be rejected based on weight, size, or behavior. 

7. K9 Jets: Tailored Flights for Your Large Dog

K9 Jets was created in July 2022 with one mission: to create a stress-free and relaxed flight for pet owners and their four-legged companions. With this goal in mind, it’s easy to see why they’re a top pick for travelers, whether you’re going from New Jersey to Paris or Los Angeles to London.

When flying with K9 Jets, you won’t have to worry about bringing a crate. Dogs can sit in your lap or by your side. You’ll need to buy a seat for every dog over 51 pounds. For instance, you’ll need two seats if you bring your two furry friends on the charter. 

There are two essential things to note when flying with a large dog on K9 Jets:

  • The public charter operator requires 75% capacity before confirming a flight.
  • The company requires pet documentation, although it should have been precleared by your destination. K9 Jets can help you through this process.

Finally, one of the great things about K9 Jets is that they don’t stop being helpful on the flight. The company can also help you obtain travel assistance, such as a pet taxi or car hire. This ultimately helps to relieve some of the stress travelers may face, especially with their large dog in tow!

8. NetJets: Luxurious Skies for Your Large Canine

If your picture-perfect flight is a vision of elegance and sophistication, there’s no better option than NetJets. This private aircraft fleet focuses on personalized aviation solutions that exceed even the highest standards. With flights spanning across the globe, from southern Europe to the Mediterranean, you can fly in style just about anywhere.

It just so happens to be one of the best airlines that allow large dogs, too.

There are a few key things to know when flying with a large dog using NetJets:

  • Pets under 150 pounds can sit in a seat. Those over 150 pounds must be on the floor.
  • Three specific seating options are inside a carrier, leashed to a seat, or belted into a seat.
  • While pets are allowed on any NetJets aircraft, specific jets are explicitly allocated for pets once all seats are occupied.

And listen – you’re not the only one enjoying a trip in the lap of luxury. NetJets goes above and beyond to ensure pets are also given royal treatment. That’s why they offer unique pet dining options, from special treats to full-fledged meals.

XO Fly with a large dog

Photo Courtesy of @flyXO

9. XO: Exclusive Skies for Your Extraordinary Large Dog

XO is an innovative company part of Vista, a larger corporation. They proudly offer private flights and seats on private jets to suit your needs. Whether headed from Accra to Malta or Los Angeles to Tampa Bay, you will likely find your way with XO.

Depending on which flight you select, there are various rules regarding large dogs in cabin:

  • Private Flights

For those seeking private flights, the rules state that pets above 25 pounds must be leashed in a captain’s chair during takeoff and landing. If your dog’s breed lands on the restricted breed list, they must wear a muzzle. Bow-wow buddies weighing over 100 pounds will need to remain on the floor beside you at all times.

Pet owners will need to obtain a certification of veterinary inspection with a list of required medications (if applicable). The federally-accredited document must be received within ten days before takeoff and must include a photo of your furry friend. Your hound will also need an updated microchip with current information. 

  • Private Jets

XO Private Jets only allow emotional support animals and service dogs on board – no pets allowed. All service dogs weighing over 25 pounds will need a seat. 

You will need to provide the required documentation prior to departure. Check with XO Private Jets when you book your flight for the most up-to-date information. 

Note: For international flights additional documentation will likely be required. Double-check with the country beforehand to determine whether you’ll need to obtain a pooch passport. 

Those flying on one of the aircraft in the Vista Members’ fleet will receive an extra special “pawsome” gift pack that includes:

  • Nutritional pet food and treats
  • Wipes for fur care
  • Rope toys
  • Water-free shampoo

During the flight, hounds can also be given cozy sleep mats to rest and relax. There may be other sophisticated extras, too, such as catering. An XO Client Services Specialist will gather information before the flight to create suitable accommodations for your fuzzy loved one.

10. Set Jet: Setting High Standards for Large Dog Travel

Set Jet is the final company on our list of airlines that allow large dogs. This exclusive, membership-only private jet program is only available to approved members and can bring you to popular destinations, including Las Vegas, Aspen, and Salt Lake City.

There are very few rules for flying with a large dog using Set Jet:

The biggest thing to remember is that you’ll need to inform Set Jet at least 24 hours in advance if you plan to bring your pet along. Large dogs must be leashed in front of your seat during the flight. 

There is also a fee involved:

  • $200 fee for pets between 20 and 60 pounds
  • $250 fee for pets over 61 pounds

11. Avolar Pets - The New Pup on the block

Avolar Pets is another excellent option for flying with your furry companion. The new pup on the block, their inaugural flight from the US to the UK is April 12, 2024.  Avolar prides itself on offering luxurious and comfortable private jet charters for patrons and their canines, understanding that doggos aren’t just pets or friends – they’re a part of the family. Throughout the past decade in service, Avalor Pets has learned everything it needs to know about country-specific health and customer regulations and veterinary expertise for a smooth journey.
Aside from being an educated service you can rely on, Avalor Pets is also an all-star when it comes to going above and beyond for you and your pet. From regular check-ins to cleaning materials and beyond, this airline is renowned for its dedication to superior customer service – for both furry customers and human ones!
Here are a few other must-know facts about riding with this service:
Dogs must be kept on a leash, but they can lie on the floor right beside you!
Travel documents for you and your pet are required four to six days prior to departure.
Seating arrangements are based on information provided during booking. Things such as temperament, age, and breed are considered when creating a seating plan.
Seating adjustments can be made during the “meet and greet,” which takes place before departure.

Top Tips for Smooth Air Travel with Your Large Canine Companion

Before flying with your large furry friend, consider these tips:

  • Schedule a visit to the vet to ensure your snuggly sidekick is healthy and has all the required vaccinations for travel.
  • Double-check that your dog has an updated ID tag with your contact information.
  • Ensure your big buddy has plenty of exercise before the flight so he isn’t restless.
  • Give your pooch a small meal and water before the flight, but don’t overdo it.
  • Get to your flight beforehand for ample time for check-in and any other required procedures.
  • Remain calm throughout the flight to help ease your dog’s anxiety.
  • After the flight, be ready for a doggy bathroom break and a snack.

Navigating the Skies with Your Large Pooch: Choosing the Right Airlines for Cabin Travel

Flying with a large dog can be complicated, but luckily, these airlines make it easier. Whether planning a fun excursion with your tail-bearing bud or relocating across the globe, you can find top-notch accommodations that make you and your furry big one happy.

Have you ever flown with a big dog in cabin? Send us a note about your experience!

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