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A Day in Dog Friendly Gulfport, FL

Written By: Ted Scofield

The charming, quirky, exceptionally dog-friendly village of Gulfport is only a 15 minute drive from both downtown St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach, but it’s also a world away. 

With a festive atmosphere (and attitude!) that’s part New Orleans and part Key West, eclectic and artsy Gulfport is a terrific place to spend an afternoon or evening with your four-legged friend. 

So, without further ado, let Jet Set Pets be your guide to experiencing the wonders of dog friendly Gulfport, Florida.

dog friendly gulfport fl

Discover Dog Friendly Gulfport, FL

When your Jet Set Pets team visits Gulfport, and we do so often, we begin our journey at the Gulfport Library, which has a spacious, free parking lot and is ideally situated at the north end of Beach Boulevard, the village’s main thoroughfare. (Alternatively, you can also arrive to Gulfport by boat which will put you at the opposite end of the main thoroughfare. If you choose to arrive by water just reverse our little walking tour below and you are good to go! )

jet set pets dog friendly gulfport florida article

When you cross 28th Avenue South on Beach Blvd, you will enter the Gulfport Waterfront District and your adventure officially begins! 

jet set pets pet friendly gulfport florida article

Gulfport is quite compact. You’ll walk only a half mile from the library to the picturesque Boca Ciega Bay at the south end of Beach Blvd. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you how to extend your walk if you and your furbulous friend crave more exercise.

You’ll discover most all of Gulfport’s attractions on Beach Blvd and, at the south end of the thoroughfare fronting the bay, Shore Blvd S. 

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Bars in Gulfport, FL


dog friendly stellas gulfport fl restaurant

If you’re craving cuisine, perhaps start your Gulfport adventure on the left side of Beach Blvd. For breakfast and lunch, we recommend Stella’s, a cheerful, furtastic dog-friendly option with ample covered outdoor seating.

Pia’s Veranda

pias verdana dog friendly restaurant gulfport florida

If it’s dinner time or you’re seeking a more formal option, check out Pia’s Veranda, a large, lively outdoor scene featuring fresh, natural Italian options. (Pia’s is also open for lunch, but only Friday-Sunday.)

Gulfport Brewery

gulfport brewery florida dog friendly places to go

If you believe beer is an important part of a well-balanced diet — and who are we to judge? — another delicious dog-friendly option is Gulfport Brewery, which you’ll find across Beach Blvd from Stella’s and Pia’s. Your pawsome friend is welcome both inside and outside, and you’ll appreciate the social, shaded seating in the courtyard, safely sequestered from the road. The brewery’s beers have won awards, and the pub grub definitely outkicks its coverage. Most importantly, Gulfport Brewery is so doggone dog-friendly, when we last visited, we swear canines outnumbered humans!

The Wine House & BBQ

the wine house and bbq gulfport fl dog friendly restaurant

Perhaps wine is more your jam? (See what we did there? Wine pun.) If that’s the case (of wine), across Beach Blvd from Stella’s you’ll find a welcome newcomer to Gulfport, the dog-friendly Wine House, which offers a delightful and perhaps unexpected mélange of exceptional wines (of course), charcuterie and mouthwatering barbeque. The Wine House’s outdoor seating is dog-friendly and much of it is protected from both the weather and the road. Your furry friend is also allowed indoors, but only for ordering purposes. 

Other Furbulous Dog Friendly Places in Gulfport, FL

paw paws dog friendly store gulfport fl

In addition to all of the terrific dog-friendly bars and restaurants along Beach Blvd, you’ll also encounter a variety of unique shops, boutiques and galleries, most of which welcome your pawed pooch with open arms (and treats). One standout shop your furry friend will enjoy is Paw Paw’s Pet Boutique, a family-owned emporium with a carefully curated selection of products for pets and the people who love them.

gulfport casino dog friendly places to go fl

At the end of Beach Blvd, overlooking the bay, you can’t miss the Gulfport Casino, a historic building dating to 1934 (which by Florida standards is old). Gulfport Casino does not and has never featured gambling. Its name derives from the old-school definition of casino, which, Webster’s tells us, is “a building or room used for social amusements.” Today the Casino hosts weekly dances as well as special events. 

Beach Blvd ends at Boca Ciega Bay and Shore Blvd. When you see the Gulfport Casino, you know you’re there. But don’t worry; a number of dog-friendly bars and restaurants await you on Shore Blvd, with views of beautiful Boca Ciega Bay.

Two of our favorites are Neptune Grill and O’Maddy’s Bar & Grille. You’ll find the sprawling Neptune Grill on the corner, across from the beach volleyball courts. (The dog-friendly entrance is on Shore Blvd.) Neptune Grill is best-known for its delicious Greek fare but showcases a broad menu, from quesadillas to Oyster Rockefeller to jambalaya. Neptune Grill’s dog-friendly seating is extensive, covered, and safe from the road. Live music is the rule, Thursdays through Sundays. 

neptune grill gulfport fl places to eat

O’Maddy’s Bar & Grille is on Shore Blvd across from the dog-friendly Williams Pier (which, stretching into Boca Ciega Bay, is a popular spot for fishing and offers fantastic views both Shore Blvd and St. Pete Beach across the bay). As you probably guessed from the name, O’Maddy’s Bar & Grille has a good times Irish vibe and features delicious pub fare, which is not limited to wings but includes, among many other options, tuna sashimi and blackened salmon salad as well. 

omaddys bar and grille gulfport fl dog friendly restaurant

Okay, so you’ve ventured the length of Beach Blvd and checked out Shore Blvd, but you still need to get some steps in. No worries. Across 54th Street S from O’Maddy’s you’ll find Gulfport Veterans Memorial Park, a small green space you can use to extend your walk (and if nature calls, you can take care of that too — that is, your canine companion can, not you of course). We always walk to the end of Williams Pier, and from there perhaps promenade along Shore Blvd, passing by the bay beach and quaint homes until your smart watch tells you it’s time to turn around.

gulfport veterans memorial park florida dog friendly places

Starting at the library, it’s easy to get in a 2-3 mile walk, round-trip, but of course we encourage a lot of sensational stops along the way!

dog friendly restaurants in gulfport

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