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Dogma of the Day.  Canine Wisdom.

"Dogs are just pigs in dog clothing."

Though we do not know exactly how or when it happened, it appears that dog has emerged as one of the earth's wisest beasts. Below are lessons we have learned from our sage canine companions. What has your pet taught you?


Has your pet revealed to you the wisdom of the ages? Let us know what insights you have learned by submitting your dogma of the day. We'll put it up on our site and each month we'll vote on the best one. The winner will receive a free gift certificate from Jet Set Pets.

Your Dogma




Ancient Wisdom

June 2003
"I'm captivated by the scent of a vermin."

May 2003
"Oops, I did it again."

April, 2003
"Love makes the tail go 'round." -Clyde

March 2003
"Rules hinge on the opening and closing of the door."

February 2003
"What is the difference between an Orange."

January 2003
"Laughter and a long leash will get you far. "

December 2002
"Good things come to those who sit."

November 2002
"When you find what you love, roll in it."

October 2002
"To the digger go
the spoils."

September 2002
"He who dies with the most toys wins."

August 2002
"The one who buys the cookies is always right"

July 2002
"Beg and you shall receive" - Toots

June 2002
"Trouble is fun in disguise." -Morley

May 2002
"To Live is to Live Outdoors." -Gus

April, 2002
"Food could be anywhere." - Louis

February, 2002
"The root of canine mischief is the front door."

January, 2002
"My resolution is no more saying 'no.'"
- RS

December, 2001
"A dog spends every day in holiday humor." -KP

November, 2001
"Time heels. " -WC

October, 2001
"In the depths of the food bin lies wisdom... Search!" -Ernesto

September, 2001

August, 2001
"What is the sound of one tail wagging?" - DD

July, 2001
"Simplify, simplify"

June, 2001
"Ask not what you can do for your human, but what your human can do for you." - Alice

May, 2001
"Bark first, investigate later"

April , 2001
"How long a minute depends on what side of the door you're on.'" -Angie

March, 2001
"Erin go bark"
-the O'Connors

February, 2001
"A sniff is worth a thousand words"
- Ben

January , 2001
"Patience or no, supper comes as it pleases." - DAO

December 2000
"Tis the season to be hairy." -DTH

November, 2000 "Loyalty barks but never bites." - Emily

October, 2000
"What is man that thou art mindful of him?" Anon.

September, 2000
"Opposable thumbs - curse of the humans"-JTD

August, 2000
"Food is everything, though not everything is food." - DJC

July, 2000
"I stink, therefore, I am." -Roxanne