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Jet Set Pets was established in 1999 to create the world's most exciting squeaky toys for dogs. We're also here to make life less stressful for harried pet owners. As fellow dog lovers and members of the 16 hour work day world, we know how heart wrenching it is to leave our pets behind.

Whether you're burning the midnight oil at work and want to order your pet a present online, or if you're on the go and want to visit one of our retailers' locations for a gift, we're here to take the guilt out of being away, and put the fun back in coming home.

While you are here, please take the opportunity to learn about some of the other important things we do. Our company donates a percent of profits to charities and participates at community events in our areas of operation. We believe that businesses can make positive impacts in their communities and we support those companies who make the effort.

A Walk In the Park... Jet Set Pets loves to visit local parks to talk to pet owners and give away toys.

We love getting out of the office to listen to our customers. We especially love to meet the animals who love Jet Set Pets.

That's why you can find us this fall at dog friendly spots mingling with people and their pets. Check out the Walk in the Park section of this site to find our list of upcoming outings where you will be able to talk with the owners, give us your ideas and opinions, and get free stuff.

If you don't see us in person, but you have comments and suggestions, please send us email. We'd love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Carrie, Jessica, Wayne and Christian